About Me

is an American Brand founded by Optimus Power with 25 years of team experience and introducing from 2017 the BYD lithium technology. Our new technologies, innovation have the great factor of being able to adjust the product to the different needs.
OptimusPower include Goodwe and several elements to the firm, leaving the main production to 3 factories with different solutions affiliating the best electrical engineers and designers from CHINA and United States. Actually OptimusPower is an American Company with the most high-performance battery
complemented by the best products and engineers of companies such as: Build Your Dreams in 1995 and
GOODWE one of the most recognizable ESS and inverter creators of EUROPE. The OptimusPower optimize the energetic operation of your property through the adding value and UPS BACKUP for your appliances. OptimusPower. Our main team corporate its compound of Victor Mas, Kaixuan Lee, Grace Xia.